March Meet The Maker Day #5

Helen Ward

⭐️ CLOSE UP ⭐️

lady days cloth pads baby days close up reborn leviHere is a lovely close up of my Baby Days products. I absolutely love the binding on the neck and cuffs of this baby top.

This is my beautiful baby model Charlie. They are the perfect little bundle at making my baby clothes look so comfy. But there’s something about Charlie...has anyone noticed before?
You maybe able to spot it on this close up 🧐
Or you may not. 

Anyone notice that Charlie doesn’t seem to get any bigger 🤔
Charlie is in fact, not a real baby 😲 I know, it’s hard to believe isn’t it but nope, Charlie is in fact a doll.

lady days cloth pads baby days reborn leviCharlie is a hand painted reborn baby doll. Hand painted in Cornwall by an amazing  artist called Gilly. They are the perfect model for Baby Days as they will stay the same newborn size forever. Charlie is so life like it’s insane, they are weighted in their body and limbs so their body poses just like a newborn. They actually weigh 5lb 14oz and can even hold a dummy.
Did you spot it?

Watch out for more of Charlie over the summer. 



Here are some close ups of our binding process at different stages.



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