March Meet The Maker Day #4

Helen Ward


For those of you who have followed me for a while now, you will know that last year I re-branded to my rainbow drop. I loved my old rose but felt quite disconnected from it. It just didn’t feel like me anymore.

I wanted something brighter and that represented my products and customers better. I also wanted something that I could create a fabric design from that was fully unique to Lady Days. With my limited design skills I set to work and my rainbow drop was born.

Why a rainbow drop?...well, because my products are used for many different things like menstruation, incontinence, breast milk, makeup removal and so on it just made sense to me. It was also important to me to have that my products are made in the U.K. in my branding. I don’t import any of my finished products and it stops me from being tempted to. It’s something that I am extremely proud of and will shout it from the roof tops 😊

Lady Days name and logo is a registered trademark so you know that when you see my branding you are buying a quality product lovingly made by me ❤️



Lady Days Cloth Pads Branding Logo

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