Period Pants INFO

What are period pants?

Period pants are pants that have a built in cloth pad making them perfect for people who are active. We have designed our period pants so there is no gusset seam. This feature is perfect for those who love cycling and riding as there is no cross seam to rub you. They can be worn as a back up to your menstrual cup or tampon, or you can just wear the pants on their own. 

Available in briefs, shorties and thong style.


Our period pants have 3 pad options.

The day period pants offer a minimum of 10" protection which can hold up to 15ml which is the equivalent of 3 regular tampons worth of blood.

The night period pants have a minimum of 12" protection and feature a generous round flare to the back, great for people who need that added protection at the back. The night pants also have an added layer of absorbency at the gusset to help them last longer. This option can hold up to 30ml.

Our maxi period pants have full front to back protection which extends to the waist band offering the greatest protection and also features added absorbency at the gusset. This option has the ability to absorb up to and beyond 70ml throughout the pad section.

Waist options.

It's important to us that you are as comfortable as possible. So, not only do you have 3 options of style and 3 options of pad to choose from, you can also choose what waist height your pants have too. 

You can choose between a regular rise or high rise waist.

What are the protective layer options?

The protective layer is the fabric we use inside the pad section as a barrier to help prevent leaks. We have 2 options available.

The first is breathable water resistant fleece which is the very same fleece that we use to back our cloth pads. This fabric provides a little padding which is lovely if you do activities such as cycling or just prefer the breathability of fleece.

The second option is waterproof PUL which is a thin polyester fabric that is laminated to make it waterproof. This option does make the pad section a little thinner than the fleece option.

It really is personal preference as to which people prefer.

So what are they made of? 

The main pants are made using cotton jersey, in many cases this is GOTS certified organic cotton. We use a mixture of absorbent fabrics including organic cotton and bamboo fleece and Zorb for the absorbent pad section.

As with all our products, Lady Days period pants are only made from the highest quality, ethically sourced fabrics. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and that Lady Days period pants are designed and made in the UK.

Most of our period pants are made to order especially for you, the current turn around time is 2-3 weeks although we always strive to have your order with you before this.

What size do I need?

Our period pants come in sizes XXS - 2XL we try to compare our sizing to ready to wear clothes but this can be difficult as the sizes between brands can vary so much. We highly recommend that you check your measurements against our size guide to get the best fit for you. If you are looking for period pants for young people and preteens we suggest you check their measurements against the XXS, XS sizes as we find these are generally suitable for them.