About Us

Lady Days Cloth Pads is run by a work at home mum called Helen, who recently left her job in retail management to care for her Autistic son. While her son is at school she spends her time sewing, possibly to avoid the housework.

Helen has been using washable sanpro for many years and has reaped the benefits both in her pocket and in her health, not forgetting of course the benefits to the environment from reducing waste going to landfill. A few years back she needed to renew her "stash". So she hit the net! After weeks of searching for pretty and affordable pads made here in the U.K she had to admit defeat until one day she dusted off her mums old sewing machine and set to designing her own pads. The first Lady Days were a two piece pad with a towelling insert, which were great! but a little thick. Then came the Bamboo and Zorb liner, which was thinner and more durable, but Helen knew she could improve this design. She wanted an All-in-One pad! After lots of research on fabrics, weeks spent cursing the sewing machine and the fabrics, she has now designed a cloth menstrual pad she is happy to share with you. She hopes you enjoy using Lady Days Cloth Pads as much as she has enjoyed creating them.


Please bear in mind there is just one lady sat at a sewing machine creating these beautiful cloth menstrual pads for you. If the shop is not full then fear not, Helen will be working as fast as she can to re-stock the shop for you. The shop is generally re-stocked towards the end of the week.


If you have a special request, Helen is always happy to consider them, you don't get if you don't ask. Simply fill in the form on the "contact us " page and Helen will be in touch as soon as she can.