March Meet The Maker Day #6

Helen Ward


Cloth pads are not just about the cute prints and the comfort that you experience compared to using disposables. We estimate that a woman who uses 15 cloth pads a cycle has prevented 195 disposables pads going to landfill each year. That’s 975 disposables in a 5 year period and if you use cloth pads from your first ever period to your last period, you could save a huge 7,800 disposable pads reaching landfill. Those numbers are modest estimates. There are many women who use more than 15 pads per cycle. The savings to our planet by switching to cloth pads are astronomical.

I think we can all agree that’s pretty amazing!
But making the pads must create waste I hear you thinking right. Well yes there’s no getting away from this fact. So what am I doing to help reduce the waste from my business?

The first thing I do is cutting the fabrics in a way that I get the most pads out of it as possible. There will always be some scraps though that I can’t quite get a full sized pad out of. Those scraps are turned into, breast pads, wingless liners or ILPs (interlabial pads).
But there’s still the cut off waste from trimming around the pads isn’t there. So what happens to that and the stabiliser used for the embroidery machine?
Well all those tiny scraps that I can’t use and the waste stabiliser are sent to a local scrap store. They use the scraps for craft projects they do with vulnerable adults and they also sell them in the store to people in the public who can use them in their own projects.

Working with my local community in this way and recycling as much waste as possible means that in a year my business generates less than 2 bin bags of waste that goes to landfill. I’m very pleased with this and will continue to work to get that amount to even less.

Over the years I have also worked with other local businesses to help them reduce their waste. I have worked with @kinderfeet on a number of occasions and used the scraps from their exclusive fabrics to create awesome Kinderfeet pads.

What do you do to help reduce your waste?



Lady Days Cloth Pads Fabric Scrap BucketKinderFeet pads made by Lady Days Cloth Pads

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