March Meet The Maker Day #3

Helen Ward

⭐️ TIME ⭐️

I find that people tend to think that if your self employed and working from home you have all the time in the world to do what you want. You can work whatever hrs you want, or even think you only work a couple of hrs a week.

The reality couldn’t be more different.
I actually work a lot more hrs now being self employed as I did when I was in a full time employed position.
I do try to give myself at least one day to myself a week to do something that takes me away from the house and away from working. For the most part of the day I’m successful but when I’m sat in the evening the restlessness kicks in and I’ll be opening up the computer to answer email, start new fabric designs etc

I am lucky though. I can pick up and drop off my son at college. Go to the gym in the morning and do the shopping when the stores are quieter. I’d like to think I’m good at managing my time and get all orders out in a timely manner. Sometimes customers are a bit in shock at how quick custom orders are shipped sometimes.

A very dear friend of mine made me this clock for my 40th birthday. It has pride of place in my studio. I didn’t have a clock in the studio before and regularly found myself in there until midnight. I just didn’t realise the time passing by. My lovely clock is now a great prompt to turn the machines off and go to relax 😊






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