Fleurcup Information

What is Fleurcup ?

The Fleurcup menstrual cup, made in France, is a hygienic and reusable protection for women during their period, so Fleurcup is an alternative to tampons and pads.

Fleurcup is supple and flexible and is positioned in the vagina to collect menstrual fluids.

Why use Fleurcup ?

Fleurcup is safe, reliable, practical, comfortable, economical, ecological and... sensual.

Safe : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is made 100% out of medical silicone, without phthalates, without bisphenol A, without latex and without perfume. Fleurcup is hypoallergenic. The colours used are also used in the medical sector. Your health and hygiene are therefore guaranteed.

Reliable : the Fleurcup menstrual cup offers full protection (no leaks). And given that the fluid is not in contact with the air, there are no unpleasant smells.

Practical : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is easy to carry in your handbag. It is perfect for travelling. It can be used day and night and most women only need to empty their Fleurcup twice a day.

Comfortable : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is easy to insert and remove. Once in position, you will quickly forget it. Its shape and suppleness mean it perfectly adapts to women's vaginal walls leaving you absolute freedom for all types of activities, during your period.

Economical : a woman will use approximately 12000 tampons or pads in her life! The Fleurcup menstrual cup can be used for several years, saving you lots of money!

Ecological : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is environmentally friendly. No more useless packaging (boxes, plastic protection, plastic sachets…), no more tampons flushed down the toilet, no more pads in dustbins… or anywhere in the nature !

Sensual : thanks to the Fleurcup menstrual cup even during your period you can wear your finest lingerie, sleep naked at night, wear light coloured clothes… in short, remain as comfortable or seductive as you please ! No need to hide the little tampon string or wear large underclothes to hold a pad in place ! All for your personal pleasure… and your partner’s.


Which size to choose ?

- Small

The Small Fleurcup menstrual cup is adapted to adolescents, young ladies and for light flow periods.
Dimensions: diameter: 41mm, height (not including stem): 47mm, total volume: 25ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 20ml, stem length: 23mm.

- Large

The Large Fleurcup is adapted to women who have already given birth or who have heavy-flow periods.
Dimensions: diameter: 46mm, height (not including stem): 52mm, total volume: 35ml, capacity (from the base to the air holes): 29ml, stem length: 18mm.


I am very active. Can I still use the Fleurcup menstrual cup?

Yes. The Fleurcup menstrual cup is ideal for active women. You can run, swim, dance and do all your usual activities.

Is the Fleurcup menstrual cup easy to remove ?

Yes. Pinch the base of the menstrual cup and remove it.

How often should the Fleurcup menstrual cup be removed ?

The frequency depends on your flow level. Your own experience will provide the best response. However, we recommend emptying and cleaning the cup at least twice daily (12 hours maximum).

Can I sleep with the Fleurcup menstrual cup ?

Yes. The Fleurcup menstrual cup can be used all night without any problem.

Do I have to remove the Fleurcup menstrual cup to urinate or defecate ?

No. You can leave it in place to urinate and defecate.

How should I wash the Fleurcup menstrual cup ?

Simply rinse it first of all with cold tap water or drinking water and then wash it with warm or hot water (whichever you prefer) and fragrance free, gentle soap.

You may also wipe it with toilet paper or a paper towel and re-insert it. In this case, clean the Fleurcup menstrual cup at the next opportunity.

Given that the internal surface of the Fleurcup menstrual cup is smooth, free of any printed inscriptions and has a ‘peach skin’ aspect, it is very easy to rinse and clean.

Sterilize the Fleurcup menstrual cup only between each cycle.

Why is the Fleurcup menstrual cup better than a tampon ?

The Fleurcup menstrual cup enables collection of the period flow while tampons absorb this. Consequently, the Fleurcup menstrual cup does not dry or irritate your vagina.

Moreover, you can use a single cup for several years whereas a woman will use approximately 12,000 tampons in her life.

The Fleurcup menstrual cup is therefore much safer, much more practical, much more economical and creates far less pollution than a tampon.

Also, with a tampon, urine tends to return towards the vagina along the string during urination. This is not the case with the Fleurcup menstrual cup.

Can I use the Fleurcup menstrual cup if I have an IUD - a contraceptive coil or ring ?

Yes, you can wear the Fleurcup menstrual cup.

Can the Fleurcup menstrual cup be used by virgins ?

Yes. The Small Fleurcup menstrual cup can be used by virgins.

Can I keep the Fleurcup menstrual cup during coitus ?

No, you cannot.

Furthermore, the Fleurcup menstrual cup is not a contraceptive device and does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Four methods for folding the Fleurcup menstrual cup:

Fleurcup - menstrual cup - C-Fold

Fleurcup - menstrual cup - Push Down
Push Down

Fleurcup - menstrual cup - 7-Fold

Fleurcup - menstrual cup - Origami

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