March Meet The Maker Day #8

Helen Ward


Ok, this is a though one for me. I love to make so many things and picking just one is impossible.

LADY DAYS CLOTH PADS CUSTOM ORDERI really love creating your custom orders. Your choices of fabrics and designs are always so different it puts great variety in my day.



LADY DAYS CLOTH PADS LUXE SLEEPER PADSI love making the luxe style pads as these are fully made by hand without the use the embroidery machine and takes me back to where it all started. I use the embroidery machine now for most of the pads as it’s better for my hands and reduces RSI. 


LADY DAYS CLOTH PADS HEAVEN SENT BABY DAYS CLOTH NAPPYAnd finally, I absolutely adore making Baby Days items. The tiny sizing can be tricky and challenging but they are so worth it. The cuteness is just unbearable ☺️


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