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Why? All in the name of science and I was curious.

I put my pants on yesterday after my shower. They are the night pad and new so the zorb hasn’t been activated from washing yet. They are a new pair of the Mulberry organic period pants in the high waisted brief style.

I had a beautifully comfortable nights sleep in them as normal but the high waist is new for me and it’s a game changer     

I woke this morning at around 6:30 really wanting to put something fresh on but I was committed and stuck with them.

I had an eye appointment at 9:10 which I ended up having to run for as traffic was terrible. I have to say, after leaving my appointment I really wanted a fresh pad. I’d been wearing my pants for about 15hrs by now, sat in an optician chair for what felt like hrs and my butt decided it was irritated…que me doing strange walking down the main street in town trying not to be obvious, but really wanting to scratch 

Thankfully it wore off. 

I then met up with husband and we did some shopping, had some lunch and shopped some more.

So I’ve been really active all day and couldn’t wait to get in the shower. I removed my pants and I’m super impressed!

There is a tiny bit of wicking on the left which feels dry to the touch and I didn’t have any marks on my leggings. I am a moderate bleeder and have bled directly down over the 24hrs of wearing them so the back of the pad is not touched. My period pants are designed for moderate use for up to 8hrs. The night pants offer more coverage at the back and a little extra absorbency to last the night.

My conclusion;


I never once felt worried that they would let me down.

It’s not something I want to repeat as I like to change regularly for freshness and I felt that by the end of the 24hrs there was that “period smell” Although my husband thought I was imagining it as he couldn’t smell anything.

I feel confident that if anything ever happens that prevents me from being able change, my pants have my back.

I am now enjoying a fresh pair of pants 

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