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DRYtex Absorbent Washable Bed Pad

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DRYtex Absorbent Washable Bed Pad - Lady Days Cloth Pads

From the makers of Kylie® bed protection products.

DRYtex® Provide maximum comfort and durability.

These pads are the perfect solution to protect your bed sheets from staining during your period. They are also useful for pregnant women who are worried about their waters breaking in bed.

Each pack contains 1 pad

  • DRYtex® bed pads are reusable and washable
  • The turquoise stay-dry surface wicks away the moisture for user-comfort with a waterproof backing to protect the bed
  • Available with or without tuck-in wings
  • Absorbency indicates approximate fluid capacity of the pad

91 x 70cm = 2000ml absorbancy

91 x 91cm = 3000ml absorbancy

135 x 85cm = 4000ml absorbancy

Made in the UK

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