Custom Order 16" Mega Luxe - SURPRISE PRINT

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Custom Order 16" Mega Luxe - SURPRISE PRINT - Lady Days Cloth Pads

SURPRISE PRINT - we choose the fabric.

The 16" Mega Luxe pad has the same great flares that you love on the 18" Mega Luxe but we have shorted the gusset sectioned.

The pad is approximately 16" in length and 3" wide when snapped. This pad boasts a large 7" flare at both the front and back to you give you maximum coverage.

The pad has a cotton jersey top, Zorb and bamboo fleece core that is classified as super absorbency at the gusset area where the protection is needed the most and thins out towards the front and back to reduce bulk.

We have backed the Mega Luxe pad with water resistant Windpro fleece leaving the pad breathable yet reliable.

As the Mega Luxe pad has a Zorb core the pad requires prepping. We advise that the pad is washed a minimum of 3 times at 30 degrees without fabric conditioners before being used for a heavy period. This process helps the Zorb fabric to reach its absorbency level. It can take Zorb upto 10 washes to reach it's full potential.

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